Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Balancing emotions

Hilde Marie went to visit Sigve today. Things were more or less the same as they have been these last few days, so not a lot to report. He was pleased to have a visitor and happy to see Hilde Marie :-) The physiotherapist was very pleased with him when he did a balance test and Sigve was very steady on his feet.

Earlier today I sent Geir Espen off to hospital too. He started running a temperature around midday, and with his two diagnosis of Diabetes and MB Addison, a raised temperature poses complications in handling them. The fine balance between insulin, cortisone and food becomes disrupted, and he has an open ticket to hospitalization in these cases. I took him to the local doctor's office for a CRP, and it was too high, so he may have an infection. I'll stop by and see him tomorrow on my way to Bergen.
It never rains: it pours.

Today is the day that Sigve and I should have left on the big vacation that we had to cancel. We were scheduled to leave this morning, fly to Amsterdam, and on to Calgary, on business class no less, redeeming frequent flyer miles, and would have landed in Calgary about an hour ago. We're both really sad about missing out, as we were going to spend quality time with old friends, meet new ones, and see fantastic scenery. We would start off in Calgary, Canada, drive through the Canadian Rockies, take a 2 week cruise from Vancouver to Alaska, disembark in San Diego, fly to New York for a few days, and then on to Niagara Falls, and returning home again on October 1. I know that the main ting is that Sigve got this treatment right now, and there will be other opportunities, but this trip was special. Missing out was like that drop too much....

Today it has been hard to find something to be grateful for, but here goes:
*Sigve's progress
*That Geir Espen is in safe hands and looked after
*An evening with good friends in my Ladies' Club
*Future travel opportunities (there must be a REALLY great trip in store for us!)

It wasn't that hard after all :-)


steve.scott said...

Life is about peaks and valleys, the deeper the valley the higher the mountain. You must be approaching one beautiful mountain.

As I read it you do indeed have an abundance of good in your life to be grateful for - bathe in it!... and if that doesn't work grab a bottle of your best wine and... bathe in it! either way you will have had a very nice bath. :)

Your husband and your son are both in good hands today.

You have beautiful children that love and adore you.

Your physical environment is postcard perfect.

You are blessed with real hopes and dreams of a wonderful future with all of them.

You have friends around the world surrounding you in love and light for positive outcomes in all that you desire.

Can't wait to see you on the mountain!

Svein GJ said...

This friend Steve has put it all so well - there's nothing more to add :-)

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