Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rain + Sunshine = Rainbows!

Every morning after Sigve's shower, we undress, disinfect and redress Hicky's exit hole. That means putting a fresh bandage over the hole and the first couple of centimeters of the tube. The "butterfly" below is just a tape to strap down the tube so it doesn't get pulled at. I don't think it can actually be pulled out, because of the way it is inserted, but some find it uncomfortable to feel the pull, so it's secured this way.

Today was an unstable day, weather wise. The sun was out, then it rained, and then the sun was out again. And then it rained while the sun was out. But we managed to get out for walks in between the showers, and the air was really refreshing.

Of course rain and sun will provide a rainbow, and this one was so strong and beautiful.

In addition to walking back and forth to the hospital, we were out both at midday, and in the evening. Sigve does get tired, so we don't walk very fast, but he has improved a lot during this last week. The doctor who saw him this morning said that he'll have to be patient. It may take up to 1 year to get back to his former physical condition.

This is the Ulrikken mountain, one of the 7 mountains that surround Bergen. You can get to the top by cable car; some of the support masts can be seen in the lower right part of the picture. We can see the mountain top from our hotel window. It's been covered in low clouds or fog for a couple of days, but today it was visible again.

On our way we pass by a small stone church. I tried to get the same views in both daylight and at night when it's lit up by flood lights.

The streets around here are small, but quite busy. It's both a residential and a hospital area. Just beyond the trees is the local grocery store, where we can get most of what we need.

I decided to take the car out of the parking lot yesterday, and park it in Brita and Ketil's yard. This parking lot has to be the most expensive one in all of Norway. Someone is preying on the fact that people need to park at the hospital. I had the car there from Thursday to Tuesday, 5 days, and it cost me NOK 1050/USD 175. That's long term parking. You have to pay NOK 30/USD 5 for one hour, and if you pass over to 1 hour 4 minutes, you have to pay for 2 full hours!
I was hoping that since I am required to be here, I would get a free parking pass, but no such thing. I have to pay, and then apply for a refund, which I may not get. So I'm not taking the chance.

Today I am grateful for:
*Rainbows and sunshine
*Friends with yard space for an extra car
*Sigve's appetite, which keeps increasing and getting more diverse


Sonda T. Allen said...

Wow, this place is beautiful and so is your photograhpy. This blog is a life changer. Thank you for writing it. It is helping you and all that read it.

spindelmaker said...

Så nydelege bilete av kapellet!

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