Friday, January 7, 2011


My wish for you all is a new year filled with
happiness, love, prosperity and blessings!
May you turn whatever comes along 
into learning experiences,
about yourselves, and life,
and use them to reach your full potential.
Take every opportunity to be the best that you can be!

A slightly belated Happy New Year to you all! 

* * * * *

I stopped baking traditional Christmas cookies several years ago. The last few years that I did bake something, we had american chocolate chip cookies. We just love them, and I could never bake enough. But of course they are full of carbs: lots of sugar and wheat flour, so for a couple of years we just dropped them. 
So, this Christmas, Sigve decided he wanted some, and got me to show him how to bake them. Last night he made the third batch in a week! Of course they are just as good as we remembered. I had some from the first two lots, but that's it for me, my Christmas asylum is over.

Yummy cookie dough.
The pastry chef in action.

Jepp, the results were good!

I bought this brilliant device for Sigve for Christmas, an oven proof steam tower. It's so clever, and of course we can thank the chinese, and probably other asian cultures too, for the idea. 

On yesterday's menu were meatballs and creamed cauliflower/ broccoli. I slightly browed the meatballs so they would keep their shape, popped them in the two top tiers (because there were too many for one) and the veggies in the lower bowl. 

I stacked them, cooked for 45 mins, and done! They all go in the dish washer afterwords, so clean-up is easy. 
Wow, I wish someone would give me money for posting this! 

Apart from cooking the occasional dinner, 
I have also been knitting, baby stuff, of course :-)

On Tuesday, Sigve had an appointment at Haugesund Hospital to check his hearing. I decided to go along, so he didn't book a taxi. But parking conditions at that hospital are so bad that in the end I had to drive around while Sigve went in for his appointment. 
Sigve's hearing has deteriorated over the last couple of years, and he has had it checked before. But now it was so bad, on both ears, that the doctor recommended he try hearing aids. So he's going back in late February to have them fitted.

Outside we have had snow, and rain, and snow, and rain. Regular yo-yo temperatures. This morning most of the snow was gone, then it snowed for a while so everything was white again, and now I can hear it dripping off the roof. The skies have had this heavy lead color.

Still, there is beauty around, and without sunlight, 
the camera flash does the trick.

Earlier this evening Sigve and I went out for a 2 hour walk. Really refreshing, but very icy. All the slush had frozen now.  And although it was dark when we left, I pocketed my small compact camera :-)

I am grateful for yet another year,
and all the new possibilities that comes with it. 
I am grateful for the new life Sigve was given by his sister.
I am grateful that Sigve and I could enter the new year together.
I am grateful for our son, daughter, son-in-law 
and the new life our daughter is carrying.
I am grateful for all our dear family members, and our dear friends.
My new year resolution is to live every day as if it was my last.
More than ever I will appreciate every day we get to live through.

♥  From our hearts to yours  ♥

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