Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall feelings

Every morning I go down to the restaurant and bring up breakfast for us both. The reason why we eat in our room is that Sigve is not supposed to be among and close to a lot of people, especially people who are likely to be sick, without wearing a face mask. And it's hard to eat with one of those on.

On my way back from walking Sigve over to the hospital this morning, I did an extra round and got some pictures in the hospital grounds. Many of the old buildings are still in use, and they are standing side by side with new buildings. Very different styles and architecture, but most of them blend in well, or give interesting contrasts.

The high humidity from the amounts of rain we've had has provided excellent conditions for fungi in the lawns. I don't know if they're really a nuisance, but they look kind of nice.

Some of the huge old trees have been kept, and are protected.

Little short cut paths look nice and break up the monotony of asphalt roads.

Many signs of autumn are showing now. Some leaves have turned brown and left the trees, but most of the foliage is still green. These berries have a nice fall color though.

This afternoon Brita came in to pick us up, and we spent the evening with her and Ketil again. As it very likely is our last evening here, it was nice to be there and share a meal with them.

Sigve is going in for blood tests in the morning, and those results will decide if we get to go home tomorrow. Exciting!

Today I am grateful for:
*The beautiful day it turned out to be
*That crisp freshness in the air
*The good feeling I've had all day

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