Friday, September 17, 2010

Saturday is a day off

This picture is one of the decorations in the room where Sigve has his check-ups, blood tests and refills at the hospital these days. I think it's really nice and something that I may use as inspiration for something else at some point.

We have reached day +37, and we were just discussing how fast time has passed. That means it's 37 days since the transplant, and Sigve was admitted 8 days before, so it's 45 days in hospital so far.

At the check-up today, this coming Tuesday was indicated as the discharge day. Monday will be used for finishing paper work and an information appointment with a nurse, to get all the necessary information for the first weeks at home.

But before that we're spending the weekend with very good friends. Janet and Helge came up from Stavanger this evening, and they and Brita and Ketil popped in here for a visit this evening. Tomorrow morning one of them are coming to pick us up, and we're all getting together at Brita and Ketil's house. Sigve has the day "off" from his hospital check-ups, so we have the whole day at our disposal. We're looking forward to a relaxing day with chatting and catching up.

Today I am grateful for:
*Seeing the end of the hospital stay
*That after all the hospital stay has been relatively short and painless
*That both of us have been able to keep up our optimism throughout it

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