Thursday, September 2, 2010


I met a cheerful, alert and happy-to-see-me Sigve when I arrived at the hospital today. That felt good, and now I realize how hard it was to visit when he had the high temperature, and hardly noticed if I was there or not.

He had been up for quite a while earlier, and had exercised with Tom, the physiotherapist. They had walked the corridor and then trained steps, on one of those gym step things. I'm sure someone will know what I mean. I'll get a picture of it tomorrow.

He had eaten, not only a yogurt, but also some cereal with milk. He was going to try some scrambled eggs, but they nauseated him. It looks like cold food is still his safest bet.
The mouth soreness is almost gone, so his voice is almost back to normal too. Just some dryness left now.

All blood counts are going the right way, and everyone's terribly pleased with him.

Here he is, skyping with a co-worker:

I stopped by to see Geir Espen at Stord Hospital on my way here. He was not quite his usual self, and didn't even protest against having to stay another night, so he was obviously not feeling very well. They're doing more blood tests tomorrow and then deciding on a course of action.

Today I'm grateful for:
*All our friends around the world surrounding us in love and light for positive outcomes in all we desire (Thank you Steve, for putting it so well! I might even bathe in that wine one day :-))
*All my blessings, that are too numerous to count
*That I finally got around to registering at the unemployment office. Hopefully I too will finally get some money out of the system :-)


Anonymous said...

Så fin du blei på håret, Mamma!!! :) Flinke frisør du har vore t :P ;)

Torstein said...

Takk for "Skype`en" i går Sigve. Kjekt å sjå at du kvikkna til...

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