Tuesday, August 31, 2010

- and half a banana

Today's total amount of food added up to one yogurt and half a banana, which of course is half a banana more than yesterday, so it's progress.

Sigve went for a walk with the physiotherapist, but when he sat up to eat afterwards he started feeling sick, and went back to bed.

He also started getting Sandimun (medication to prevent "graft-versus-host disease") pills today instead of iv, which means that he doesn't have to be hooked up to Hangman from 4 pm to midnight every day any more. It makes it so much easier to get out of bed and move around. Hangman's a nice guy, but he's clumsy and awkward and he has 2-3 cords that need to be unplugged every time. The drip counters that are attached to him have very short battery life, and they beep, first when they are unplugged, and then a little while later when they want to be plugged back in.

Fall is closing in on us. What happened to summer? I have cleared the deck, and put away the furniture. Some leaves have already turned brown, and fallen off the trees. These are birch leaves.

The days are getting shorter. Sunset is around 9 pm now and it's dark by 9.30. Time to light candles and enjoy the longer evenings.... Can't wait for Sigve to get back home and enjoy them with me...

I have dabbled in the art of hair dressing today, or rather been dabbled on. I was in bad need of a hair cut, but did not have time for it during any of these days at home, so Hilde Marie had a go at it. She usually cuts Jon Helge's hair, so I thought maybe I would end up looking like him :-) It turned out pretty good, short, very short, but good. I may get used to it :-) It's practical though.

Today I am grateful for:
*Daughters with hair cutting skills
*Wine and candlelight
*The possibility of an early night for once

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Svein GJ said...

A nice niece with loads of talents!

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