Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Enjoying life

I was wondering what to blog about today, as not much is happening, other than waiting. So I asked Sigve what he thinks about while lying in bed, ....waiting. 

His reply was, "I don't really think big deep thoughts; I do what I always do, enjoy life". Says the man who at that moment was waiting for a higher level pain relief medication for the intense mouth pain. 

I guess that says it all. 

Hanging out with Hangman.

Here is proof that Sigve is starting to lose hair:

Two weeks ago


Apart from all that, it's coming down in buckets outside.
It's seriously autumn.

I am grateful for pain relief medications.


Heidi Eikremsvik said...

Syng vesle vise

Syng vesle vise
mjuke tonar og varme ord,
syng om kvitveis i teien jord.
Syng, vesle vise.

Syng vesle vise
syng om selje og fløytelåt,
syng med vemod om hjartegråt.
Syng, vesle vise.

Syng, vesle vise
syng når natta har stjerneslør,
syng når morgon i skya glør.
Syng, vesle vise

Syng, vesle vise
ord og tonar som hjarta finn,
Song om kjærleik for venen min.
Syng, vesle vise..

Av Stanley Jakobsen

Sender gode tankar med håp i, til dokke begge :)
Beste helsing Heidi m pennen

Laura said...

Sending you both so much love, buckets and buckets like autumn rain, and beautifully colored leaves. May healing flow with the rain, and Sigve's joy for life continue to blossom like the leaves, autumn's flowers.

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