Thursday, September 9, 2010

Busy day

Today was Sigve's second last day in hospital. He has eaten more, been up all day, had visitors, and taken a bone marrow test. This evening he had a refill of fluids with mineral additions.

I'm doing laundry, packing, and getting the house ready for my approx two weeks away. Which incidentally coincides with the two weeks we were supposed to spend on the Alaska cruise. Not quite sure if I'll be able to pretend like the hotel room is a state room on board the Radiance of the Seas... but I'll give it a try...

This evening I took an hour off and went for a walk at dusk. At Brandasund there's a place I haven't been to for about 20 years, a beautiful peaceful spot. I took a lot of pictures, but I'm only posting one.
See more here:

It's been quite warm these last few days, and this evening the thermometer read 18C/64F as I drove out. In spite of the warm weather, fall is advancing. Suddenly the rowan trees are full of red berries. They're very sour, but it is possible to make jello from them. I've never tried it, though.

Today I am grateful for:
*This nice warm evening and my lovely walk
*My washing machine - makes doing laundry so easy. Imagine what it was like for our grandmothers!
*My Ipod that has a built in pedometer. It feels so good to see how many steps I take every day :-)

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