Monday, September 13, 2010

Another indoor game day

The days go by more or less in the same routine these days, so I won't bore you with details.
After Sigve finished his session at the hospital, he came walking back on his own. He's been up all day and he only had a couple of 10 min naps. He also eats something substancial for all meals now. So things are going really well.

Hilde Marie was feeling bored, so she decided to come up for the day again. We played some more Rummycub and card games, and then the ferry service back to Tysnes was canceled for the afternoon, due to technical problems, so she couldn't go back until 9.40 pm. We walked her back to the parking lot, which gave us an extra exercise opportunity.

It's been very windy, and raining sideways this afternoon and evening, so we walked through the underground tunnel. Kind of erie in the evening when all is quiet. I don't really like going through there alone at night, but when it's the two of us it's ok.

Today I am grateful for:
*The support of all our family and friends
*Sigve's continuing progress
*My tiny water kettle, 0,5 l, that I once bought on sale, thinking "that will come in useful some day", and it did!


steve.scott said...

Well it is definitely not as lovely as your place, but at least someone else is doing the cleaning ;o}

Glad to hear Sigve is progressing nicely!...

Svein GJ said...

Great scott, that man rests less than I do during an average day!
(And I'm at work ;-)

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