Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time flies

We're already at day +32, time does fly.
This weekend has been all about visitors. Yesterday Hilde Marie and Geir Espen game to see us, and we all had a great day. As usual Sigve had to start off with about 4-5 hours of blood tests and fluid refills. Hilde Marie and Geir Espen brought with them some hamburgers from MacDonald's, to see if they could tickle Sigve's appetite. We asked a nurse on the ward if it was ok for him to eat them, and specifically if he could drink soda in a cup from a dispenser, and she said that all that was fine. A little while later another nurse came in and said that that kind of food and drink was totally out of the question for him, as kitchen hygiene in fast food places is not the greatest. We told her we asked before he had any, and unfortunately the person we asked must have been unaware of the rules. I find it quite incredible that things like that can happen!
Fortunately he didn't have much of the hamburger, but he had some soda and fries.

After Sigve was done with the refilling, we all walked over to our hotel room. He has to wear the face mask whenever he goes outside the room, f.ex through the hospital and and hotel, but he doesn't have to wear it outdoors. Yesterday it was raining, so we walked through the tunnel.

We spent the afternoon just chatting and playing some games.

Sigve is looking and feeling better and better every day now.

We all love playing Rummycub!

After Sigve got back from his refill session today, his sister and stem cell donor Gerd and her husband Roald came to see us. A little while later Brita and Ketil came too, after they had picked the lock of their car, as they had locked the keys in it, and couldn't find the spare set :-) Then when they all left, some other friends, Jostein and Jane, came by. The day went really fast, and we had a good time.

Sigve's eating is improving fast. He has a big bowl of corn flakes every morning now, and today he had some hot food for dinner and for supper.

We walk over to the hospital every morning, and we also try to take one more walk during the afternoon. When he feels like it we climb the stairs in stead of taking the lift. He feels less of a need to lie down during the day too. Resting in a chair works fine now. But he's still feeling frosty, so he wears a long sleeved shirt, a woolly sweater and a fleece jacket indoors, and a heavy winter jacket on top of that outdoors. And I'm having hot flashes! The room is so hot, but when I open the window Sigve is freezing (and it's still so warm that I only wear a light jacket outside), so we're not quite compatible in that respect at the moment. Whenever Sigve goes to the bathroom I hurry up and open the window for a little while.

Today I am grateful for:
*Family and friends
*Sigve's increased ability to eat (can't really call it an appetite yet)
*Rescuing the pictures on my laptop (I lost some, but I have back-up at home.)

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