Friday, September 17, 2010

A day out in the tunnel

Breakfast these days consist of a slice of bread
and a bowl of cornflakes for Sigve.
He actually eats more than I do in the morning,
I settle for a couple of eggs.

Since today was a really, really wet day,
we took off through the tunnel to the hospital.

It was busy there, so obviously many others had the same idea.

Some had their own means of transportation,
either automatic,

or self powered.

Some got a ride,

and some had to do it the hard way :-)
(The reason why some of these pictures are blurry
is to give an illusion of speed :-))

There are places to stop and rest if needed.

But there is nowhere to hide -
you can even look around corners.

There are intersections,
and plenty of opportunities to take the wrong turn,
if you don't pay attention.

Sometimes I wonder what all the pipes are for,

and where they go,

or in some cases, don't go.

The tunnel provides extra storage space.
Some things seem to be just waiting
to go wherever it is these things go to,

and some must be waiting
for the opportunity to fulfill their purpose.

Do you think these are the result of two hangers
having been left on a rack by themselves?

I wonder if anyone ever decide to spend the night here,
maybe after working a late shift on a rainy night?
Or maybe there's a whole community living here in secret?

Almost at our destination.
The tunnel standard varies a lot.
It gets better the closer you get to hospital.

Escalators take us up the last two floors.

Having arrived in the room that is reserved for
stem cell transplantee check-ups,
Sigve gets to sink down in a chair that leans back,
almost to a horizontal position.
The nurse, who knows him by now,
has a blanket ready at hand for him.

By the way, this next one is news to me. This word literally means "bed rescue central". Is it a new field in medicine? Is it where someone shouts "Code Red over here", and someone else rushes over to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on a bed that's about to collapse?

Back outside our room the rain was still pouring down,

so my little hot water kettle came in handy - again.

I had a coffee and watched some TV
until it was time to go back and meet Sigve.

Today I am grateful for:
*A warm, dry tunnel in rainy weather
*Having found blogland
*Spending the weekend with good friends

1 comment:

spindelmaker said...

Ha, ha, ha, the Bed Rescue Central :-)
I agree with you, I think there is a whole secret society living there at night. it certainly looks like there´s room enough in there to house all the people lining in the streets in Bergen, and then some...

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