Thursday, September 9, 2010

A new home away from home

We have made the move, and are now settled in in our room at the patients' hotel. We were sent off from the ward equipped with eating instructions and medications for tonight and tomorrow morning. At 9 am we have to be back at the hospital for blood tests, and if necessary, blood refills. The blood test results will determine the medication dose, in particular the Sandimun, for tomorrow evening.

I think Sigve almost found it kind of sad to leave the ward. To a certain degree I think it's a matter of feeling safe, and being capably looked after. His experience in the ward has been utterly positive, all staff members have been really nice, kind and professional.

I'm the one who has been complaining about the food, to Sigve it hasn't mattered. And I assume the food comes from a central kitchen, so it's not the staff on the ward's fault that it's lousy. Over here the term "hospital food" generally means, and always has meant, lousy food. I even remember when our kids were born, 25 and 28 years ago in Stavanger Hospital, that the food there was lousy too! You would think things would improve with time... But let's forget about the food issue...

It's not really a big hotel room, considering that we'll be staying at least 2 weeks, but I think it's bigger that our state room on board the Radiance of the Seas would have been :-) One day, we will be there!

Sigve has fallen asleep now, and I'm just finishing my Merlot. As they want us over there by 9 am, and none of us are very good with mornings, a long night's sleep is a good idea. Cheers!

Today I am grateful for:
*At the moment, at least I get to share a room with Sigve again (these rooms don't have double beds)
*We have successfully finished one phase, and entered the next one.
*That I have felt so cheerful today!


Sonda T. Allen said...

Have a good rest. I am grateful that you all are out of the hospital an on to a new phase of the healing process.

Paul said...

A step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

A step further to the campervan too:)) Hughs from Olaug, Jan and Milli.

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