Friday, September 10, 2010

A new daily routine

Here is the patient's hotel that we're staying at. Not exactly the Sheraton, but ok. We have all our meals here covered by the hospital too. For breakfast and lunch there's a buffet, so mostly I can find stuff I can eat. For dinner there's usually one meat and one fish option, but it's not always unprocessed pure meat or fish.

It's only a 5-6 minutes' regular paced walk over to the main hospital building, but Sigve can't walk that fast yet, so we have to allow for more time to get there. The path goes through a park, surrounded by various hospital buildings. For rainy days, there's an underground tunnel.

Today started with Sigves shower, and a bowl of cornflakes for breakfast. Then we walked over to the outpatient's office for blood tests, a new bone marrow test, and a refill of fluids and minerals, and just got back to the hotel in time to catch some lunch. By then Sigve was exhausted, and vomited. So when he did manage to eat anything, he had a pear and a couple of pieces of ham and cheese.
This will be our daily routine for the next couple of weeks.

Every morning and evening Sigve has to measure his temperature, and tonight it was slightly raised, to 38,1C/100F. At that level we are supposed to call the ward, and they wanted him to come over for a couple of hours for observation. So I walked him over at 9.30 pm, and he'll be calling soon to say if he's staying the night or if I have to walk back and fetch him.

Earlier this evening we had a surprise skype call with Paul, Jorge and the gang in Vancouver. Right now they have boarded the Radiance of the Seas, and will be departing for Alaska at 5 pm local time. We were supposed to be there too...

- And I just went over to get Sigve, his temp was down again :-)

Today I am grateful for:
*The temp scare that turned out to be nothing
*Our friends who will be having a blast on the Alaska cruise
*These days with good weather so we could walk through the park, the rain will come soon enough

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