Sunday, October 26, 2014


Sigve's immune defense system has hit rock bottom, i.e. it is virtually non existent. So now he is in isolation. However, it's a different regime from last time since there is no stem cell transplant involved. It means we don't have to dress up in protective frocks, masks and gloves. We "just" have to be healthy. 

The high temperatures he had last week and earlier this week could either be caused by infections or it could be a chemo fever, which some people get. But the chemo course was over on Wednesday, so now it's almost certainly due to an infection. 

At the moment his temperature stays around 38,5C and the CRP is back up to around 260. His antibiotic was changed to a different type again yesterday. Since there are no countable leukocytes, there's no way to know where the infection is located. It's a matter of trying different kinds of antibiotics until there is a hit and something works. 

Since Sigve can't talk much, it's hard to have deep conversations, and anyway he often dozes off. So we mostly just sit there, with iPads or other things to occupy ourselves with. But sometimes we do talk, and our conversations include topics like "what a wonderful invention peeing in a bottle is", "I might need a new diaper" and "I just dosed off and had the weirdest dream, and when I woke up I heard voices". It certainly keeps us entertained.

I just spoke to Sigve on the phone to say good night. He sounded really good, and he said he felt good too, the best he's done in days. :-)

I am grateful for our solid and strong relationship ❤️

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Laura said...

holding Sigve in my prayers and you too with love.

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