Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brita's crispy flat bread

When Sigve was done at the hospital at around 1 pm today, Ketil and Helge picked us up, and we all spent another very nice day together. We are really pleased that Janet and Helge were able to come up and spend the weekend with the rest of us. Good friends are the best!

Brita has this recipe for a crispy flat bread that she bakes on a regular basis. It's absolutely full of healthy fibers and other natural goodness, plus it tastes amazingly good. We have the recipe too, and have baked it from time to time.

They served it to us yesterday, and Sigve discovered that it tasted really good to him now, and he ate several pieces. So Brita whipped up a new batch this morning, and we got to take a big tin with us :-) Isn't that so generous?

Here's another picture of the gang, and no one's looking tired!

Today I am grateful for:
*Food that Sigve finds appetizing
*The lovely music I'm listening to right now
*Spending time with good friends. Can never give enough thanks for that!

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~Visions~ said...

Thank you for leaving the kind words on my blog. I love the way you end off your posts with what you are grateful for that day. Attitude is everything and it sounds as though you are a huge part of Sigve's road to recovery. I wish you and your husband all of the very best in your fight.

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