Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Changes, but still going by the book

This afternoon Sigve's temperature went up to 40C/104F. A large number of blood tests were taken, and sent off to the lab for analysis. As far as we understand, it's hard to determine exactly what kind of infection it is since he has no white blood cells left at the moment, (any nurses out there, correct me if we got that wrong!) so he's getting a general kind of antibiotics. Actually, it's probably not that general, really, I assume it must be specific to this kind of situation. He also got another bag of chemo, a blood transfusion and a whole lot of other stuff into Hicky, including lots of fluids because of the raised temperature. The mouth soreness is also increasing now, making it harder to eat, so he's getting energy drinks. Vitamins and minerals are added to the iv fluids.
The nurses assure him that all of this is expected and by the book.

I've spoken to Sigve several times on the phone today, and he sounds ok, even cheerful, and he says that as long as he stays in bed he doesn't feel too bad. And obviously he's not been allowed out of bed much anyway.

Sigve and Isa in their favorite evening postures:

Today I am grateful for:
*Every day that passes without another bill in the mail
*Delicious yummy crabs


Brenda said...

:) Today I am grateful that Sigve is feeling better (Hopefully the test will come back with good changes), for family & old friends.

Jim said...

Isn't it interesting how one person's normal can seem so different to others. I'm glad for nurses who can keep us reminded of what their "normal" is. We need that perspective. Of course, getting back to what is normal for the rest of us would be just fine. And Sigve, the sooner the better!

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