Friday, August 27, 2010

So very tired

I sat in Sigve's room for about 3 hours this afternoon. He slept most of the time, and only "surfaced" now and then, said one sentence, sometimes only a few words, and was off to sleep again. He can barely keep his eyes open for more that a few seconds at a time. He was feeling chilly too, so they pressurized the room again; for some reason that's the only way to raise the room temperature. It doesn't mean he's back in isolation though. He still has a slightly raised temperature, and gets antibiotics. His right eye was a bit red, so he is getting eye drops for that. Here he is with the flag that marked the end of the isolation period:

While I was there he got another thrombocyte (blodplater) transfusion too, (a yellowish liquid, doesn't look like blood at all).
But in spite of all this he claims he feels fine! He actually sat up in a chair for a while earlier today, and watched some TV. So I asked if he would mind if I had the TV on while he slept, to which he replied that it had been quiet for a week now, and he really wouldn't mind another week of silence :-) Good thing he has his computer there, so I surf the internet while he sleeps.

There's still a little hair left, and some of the mustache, the rest is mostly gone.

Today I am grateful for:
*Norwegian Health Care. A lot can be said about it, and a lot is said, but it's free, all of it, and in Sigve's case it's good
*The wonderful treatment Sigve is getting from all the staff, he feels like a VIP patient
*That he can take all the time he needs to recover

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Sonda T. Allen said...

As an American artist who can not afford health care. I am grateful for a country such as yours who can set an example while not perfect of the fact the universal health care is so damn important. Sigve still has more hair then me. Mine of course is by choice. Tell him balled is very cute.

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