Sunday, August 15, 2010

More chemo

Sigve had a visit from Geir Espen and Torstein (from work) today. They drove up from Bømlo in the morning and back this afternoon.
Since Sigve already had company I spent a relaxed day with Brita and Ketil. Ketil was putting down slate tiles on their deck, and Brita and I picked raspberries from the garden. The weather was so beautiful, and I didn't bring any light clothes, so we also went shopping.

Today Sigve got another, scheduled, bag of chemo. I missed that he also got one 24 hours after the transplant. Still no discomfort from it though.
He also got some pills for his diarrhea, and they helped a lot.

The other day I decided that we needed to decorate Hangman somehow, and when I saw the little red heart that you can hang things from, I got this idea. I got Brita to print out 2 pictures of Sigve and me (or is it I?). We laminated them together, and voilá!
It's easy to wipe down and disinfect, so it can go with him into isolation.
I think I have to patent the idea, because all the nurses love it, and Sigve does too.

Here is a close-up of it, and of the picture on the other side.
Feel free to copy the idea, if you ever want to!

Hilde Marie phoned today to tell us that last night Isa started to behave strangely. She was sniffing by their bathroom door, and wouldn't stop, so Hilde Marie let her in. Isa ran straight to the washing machine, where HM was washing a pair of Sigve's jeans! Isa was so disappointed when Sigve wasn't there himself, she sniffed around the room to make sure he wasn't hiding somewhere. Dogs are amazing creatures!

I found these two pictures that I forgot to post right from the beginning. They are from the check-up and info day we had at the hospital in May. Both Gerd and Sigve took lot of blood tests.

They filled up 20 vials from Sigve. It was the most amount of blood the biochemist had ever drawn at one time.

Today I am grateful for:
*Fresh berries, full of natural goodness
*Again: a beautiful warm sunny day, haven't had too many this summer
*Faithful and cute little animals

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Sonda T. Allen said...

Just want you to know I am thinking about you. Great post

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