Sunday, August 29, 2010

Museums and grape peelings

On Saturday Hilde Marie, Jon Helge and Geir Espen came up to Bergen to visit. We had planned it as a day of surprises for Geir Espen as he had his birthday on Tuesday. We started off by visiting Sigve.

And Sigve has promised that when I come in he will go for a walk, and so we did. Notice the body guards in the back :-)

Back in bed it was time for some lung exercises. This flute, that the physiotherapist brought in, gives some resistance when blown into, and this helps open up the lungs. Many patients who spend a long time in bed collect fluids in the lungs, which can lead to pneumonia. So far Sigve has not had that problem, and if he manages to get out of bed as much as possible chances are that he won’t get it either.

The four of us went to an interactive science museum and had a lot of fun,

and then to Egon's Restaurant at Lagunen for dinner. We ate well and had a great time together.

Before the three young people drove back home we stopped in again at the hospital to say good night to Sigve.

On Sunday morning Sigve had decided to eat some solid food again, and tried a boiled egg, but he immediately vomited. When I got there he thought maybe grapes might taste good. But as he’s not allowed to eat any fruits that can’t be peeled, I had to peel some grapes.

I cut each in four pieces, and he ate them very slowly, prepared to vomit again, but they stayed down.

Later, at dinner time the smell of hot food made him feel queasy, but he agreed to try some yogurt, and he ate quite a few spoonfuls, and that stayed down too. He had felt very disappointed when he didn’t keep the egg, but after the yogurt he felt better.

While I was there, we walked the length of the corridor several times, and then Sigve sat up in a chair and looked at pictures on my laptop.

All in all he was out of bed for about 1,5 hours today, which was very good. I hope he keeps it up and gets out of bed on the days I’m not there too.

The physiotherapist will be in again to see him on Monday, and the nurses will encourage him to get up and move around. Medically he's doing very well now, so he has to really start doing his job in order to recover fully, and that means to get up and to eat as much as possible. He's still getting some antibiotics, but the CRP keeps going down.

This afternoon I didn't leave the hospital until after 5 pm, and I was too tired to drive all the way home. So I decided to go to Tysnes instead, and spend the night in the camper, and then drive home in the morning. I got to have a lovely dinner with Hilde Marie, Jon Helge and Jon Helge's parents, Britt and Geir.

Today I am grateful for:

*Grapes and yogurts and Sigve's willingness to try solid food

*Good times with family

*The decaf latte I'm having in the camper before I sleep

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