Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All still well, and tomorrow is the big day!

Today has been another good day for Sigve, still without the predicted side effects from the chemo. It's really so amazing and wonderful :-) I know it's an answer to all the prayers, good wishes, happy thoughts and positive energy that have been coming our way! I'm also convinced that Sigve's positive attitude has some say in it. He has been determined since before the treatment started that this will turn out well.
Tomorrow is Day zero, Transplant day. Sigve's sister Gerd, who is his stem cell donor, is in place at the hospital, and ready for action. Many of you probably wonder about how the transplant takes place, and I'll explain all tomorrow as it proceeds, with pictures and all.

I'm staying in the camper van tonight, parked outside Hilde Marie and Jon Helge's house at Tysnes, and I'm driving on to Bergen in the morning.
So far I have not found it hard to put up a brave face as things are going so well, but tonight, sleeping alone in the camper van for the first time ever, feels a little sad... But I am also thinking ahead to all the wonderful trips we are going to have in it once Sigve is well again. Something nice to look forward to!

Today I am grateful for:
*Seeing Isa again (our little dog that is staying with Hilde Marie and Jon Helge while Sigve is in hospital, and also for a little while after as there can't be animals in the house during his first weeks back at home)
* Venison, yum!

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