Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy, but tired

Gerd, your stem cells must be of superhigh quality, and the
match between you and Sigve must have been very close,
as they have settled and started working 
so quickly and so well!
I don't know if that is medically correct, 
but that's how I see it :-)
A good job well done!

This morning the nurses brought a norwegian flag into Sigve's
room to really mark the end of isolation. I don't have a flag picture,
but these fireworks that Birgit sent me will do the job nicely!

Sigve is still very tired, and a professional source (again Birgit) tells me that that is perfectly natural. So incredibly much has and is happening in his body right now. It's working up there on an extreme level. Not many get to perform that kind of extreme sports!

He's still getting refills of antibiotics, and he needs to build up an appetite, but for now iv nutrition is fine. I hope that once he feels more rested and starts to get up and move around, he will feel like eating again. At the moment his mouth and throat are still sore.

Thank God again for Hicky, who has made it very easy to administer everything that needs to be put into him! No need for needles all the time :-) For new readers who don't know Hicky, look back to the introduction in one of my earliest posts.

Finally, another picture from Birgit. This is Sigve in
the seventies, in his family's boat, off the coast of Bømlo.
Sigve, maybe you'll get hair like this again now! :-)

Today I am grateful for:
*The delicious crabs that my niese Monica gave me last night
*The lovely shower I'm about to take now before I drive to Bergen to see Sigve again!

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Paul said...

I'm feeling very happy.

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