Monday, August 9, 2010

Going well!

This is just a short situation rapport: Sigve tells me via Skype today that he's still feeling fine! This second chemo course that we were told would make everyone nauseous, has not had that effect on Sigve!!! He had a slight twinge of nausea last night, and vomited once, and after that nothing. On the other hand, he's getting even more liquids now and has to visit the little boys' room every 15 minutes. Producing 0.3 litres every 15 mins (everything is measured) has to be some sort of record! It's annoying, but very much preferable to being nauseous.
He was given the last bag of chemo for now tonight, and I'm visualizing that he is feeling and sleeping well.

I went for a beautiful walk by the sea this evening, Listening to the waves and watching (another) amazing sunset is peaceful. However, I find that I see great photo opportunities all over the place, so I get easily distracted. One of the amazing things about sunsets is that every time you think it has to be at it's most beautiful, it keeps getting even better. And of course it changes all the time so you could take hundreds of pictures of one.

Half an hour later it had changed to this:

Today I am grateful for:
*Sigve feeling well
*A good camera and nature providing great photo opportunities

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Irene said...

Så gost å lesa tante! :) Du må helsa masse te onkel! :)

Eg legg ved ein link til heimasida til den nye jobben min :)

Klem fra Irene

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