Monday, August 30, 2010

Bed rest and yogurt

Today's report is by phone again. Sigve tells me that he was not allowed out of bed today as his platelets were down a bit. So he got a transfusion, and hopefully they'll be up again tomorrow. Otherwise things are going well, and the progress is good. The crp keeps going down, but as it is still higher than normal, he gets more antibiotics. The white blood cells keep going up.

I mentioned that I thought his voice sounded clearer than it has done lately, and he said that it's maybe not quite as sore any more. It's still dry though.

This morning he felt a bit unwell after having been up for his shower, so he didn't eat anything for breakfast. Around lunchtime he had 125 ml/4,2 fl.oz of yogurt, and was quite pleased with himself. That was it for today, though. Baby steps.

Have you heard that dogs and their owners grow alike as the years go by? Well, here's proof:

These two love each other. Unfortunately it's still a long time before they get to see each other again. No dogs are allowed in the house for at least 2 weeks after Sigve is home again.

While Sigve is in hospital Isa lives with Hilde Marie and Jon Helge on their farm at Tysnes. She has company with Aira, their Irish wolfhound, and it's really funny to watch huge Aira and tiny Isa run around together. At night they cuddle up and sleep really close together. I get to see her when I stop by, and she shows uninhibited joy at seeing me, jumping up and down and squealing. Ira is more calm and dignified, she just leans on you and won't let you pass until she's petted. She has the most beautiful, kind, huge brown eyes.

Today I am grateful for:
*Brain dead TV entertainment
*The faithfulness and devotion of our dog friends
*People who may be interested in buying our house


Brenda said...

Good luck with the house! I hope you sell it soon.

*Dogs are Gods little angels put on earth to love us unconditionally.

steve.scott said...

Their "smiles" are identical and they both have the same facial hair!

We're so glad to hear that Sigve remains strong... We pray for you all daily and love you for including us in your lives.

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