Saturday, August 14, 2010


I don't have any pictures from today, so I picked this one. I took it on one of our camper trips earlier this summer. Some of you norwegians may know the place. We drove to the end of a valley just after Røldal, before climbing up to Haukeli, then we walked up to this waterfall, and it was only when I saw the pictures on my computer that I saw the natural heart shape. Isn't it cute? See all the love pouring out of it?

Anyway, not much to report today. Gerd left at noon to catch a boat back home. She's still tired, but recovering well. Sigve is still doing well. His blood count is going down, which is what we want. This morning he had to leave his room, along with all his belongings. The room was cleaned and disinfected, and now it's just waiting for him to move back in when he's ready for isolation. In the meantime he's in a regular ward room along with 3 others.
His only discomfort at the moment is some diarrhea, which is energy draining, and he has to drink a lot to replace the fluids. I will speak to a nurse tomorrow if nothing is done about it. But apparently it's common to get it at this stage. But all the same he was up and about most of the day, and didn't lie down until 4 pm when he was hooked up to the Sandimun again. One strange side effect from the Sandimun is a radiating heat in and from the face while the rest of the body can feel cold. I could feel that his face was very warm when I gave him a hug.
After I left Sigve for today I decided to wander about in a shopping mall for a while. I find I need to get the hospital smell out of my nose, and a shoe store did the trick. I love the smell of leather! I also picked up a couple of end-of-sale bargains :-)

Today I am grateful for:
*Gerd's recovery
*My 5 senses: smell, taste, sight, hearing and touching

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Irene said...

Tusen takk for denna fine bloggen tante, så me kan følge med på kva som skjer! Tenker mykje på dåke, og er glad for at ting går så bra! Gi onkel ein stor klem fra meg :)

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