Thursday, August 19, 2010

And in the afternoon....

The Mac doctor phoned me this morning to say that the new hinges had arrived, so I went into Bergen to hand in my laptop before seeing Sigve. I feel like I have handed my child over to strangers! So I am writing this on Sigve's laptop, which is not a Mac, and you Mac people out there know what that means. Sigh...

I am visiting Sigve right now as I write, and he is his usual cheerful self. His temperature is up to 39.5C again, but it's not affecting him much. He's retaining some water, and was given a very effective medication for it. 5 minutes later he had to let it out, and then every 5 minutes. Fortunately he's being supplied with bottles in bed as he needs them, and he so enjoys being able to "go" without getting up :-) I can just see it, when he gets home, he's going to want to keep it up as it's so comfortable!

This morning he started the day with a nice very long shower, and felt really good. He can easily pull out hair from his head and moustache now, and it looks visibly thinner. This morning he had fun pulling out all the grey hairs from his moustache so it looks all brown! The rest of his body hair is still stuck, but it will all fall out. He'll have skin like a baby!

Afterwards he had to go back to bed as he had to be hooked up to various iv bags with fluids, antibiotics and "food". (The "food" bag he's getting right now is filled with an opaque white liquid. Looks a bit like liquified mashed potatoes.) He can still swallow pills and some energy drinks, but that's about it. When hooked up to all that it easier to just stay in bed, and he gets to do it since he's running a temperature, but once that's gone he'll be forced out of bed!
He still has a very unsettled stomach, and likes to compare it to volcanic eruptions; Iceland comes to mind... but planes can still take off from Bergen Airport!

During doctor's rounds this morning a student doctor came in tow, and as the doctor was probing Sigve's stomach and Sigve started laughing, he explained to the student that laughter in that context meant that the patient was not in any pain, and it was not a common reaction in this situation :-)

You're not getting any pictures today as I don't have the connection cord for my camera with me. But I have taken some pictures, and I will post them when I get my dear Mac back!

Today I am grateful for:
*That Sigve is feeling so well in spite of running a temperature
*The soreness in his mouth is not quite so bad today
*Mac doctors


Irene said...

Hehe, typisk onkel å finna da morsomma i ein sånn situasjon (refererer til plukking av grå hår)

Og no har han gitt pappa konkurranse på dofronten! ;)

Gi han ein god klem fra meg :)


Svein GJ said...

You're both incredible! Sending you cheers and encouragements doesn't really seem neccessary, but a virtual hug can never be wrong? Right?

Right :-)

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