Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day "+7"

We have already reached day "+7".
Sigve's temperature is down to 38C/100.4F this evening, and he's feeling better. That means he has received the right kind of antibiotics. When Sigve has a raised temperature he experiences a very distinct line at 38.5C/101.3F. At anything below he feels fine, and as soon as he goes above he has to lie down and feels exhausted. He can tell as soon as he crosses that line.
The entry wound of Hicky is a bit red, so an infection specialist came in to look at it, and now he gets another kind of antibiotic to prevent an infection there. The mouth soreness has reached a level where swallowing food, drink, pills, anything really, is a real challenge. He has some blisters and general soreness. So I assume that for a while now everything he needs will be administered through Hicky. He does antiseptic mouth rinses 6-10 times a day to keep his mouth as clean as possible.
Continual large amounts of liquids keeps causing frequent visits to the little boy's room all day, but they have finally given him a bottle to keep by the bed at night. He also still has rather "explosive" diarrhea.
Today he noticed that some hairs from his beard came off, so it looks like the hair loss has begun.

All of this is normal, expected and prepared for.

Sigve has kept himself awake all day today, not because he has problems falling asleep at night, but because he wants to create a daily rhythm, in order to avoid feeling like everything is one long blur. Neither of us have ever had sleeping problems, and I'm sleeping well too, so far.

Brita and Ketil went to visit Sigve today, and they sent me this picture:

They had to put on protective aprons, put paper booties over their shoes and disinfect their hands. Brita had to leave her purse in the sluice as they want to keep as few things as possible in the room.
The isolation room is pressurized to avoid air from the corridor to seep in, so we go into a sluice, close the door, wait for the pressure to equalize, and then the door into the room can be opened. It only takes a few seconds, and green and red lights indicate which door can be opened. The general rule is that 2 can visit at a time.
I will probably drive up to Bergen again tomorrow and stay for a few days.

Today I am grateful for:
*Hicky and Hangman
*Hot late summer days and cold drinks
*All our good friends (including family members!)

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