Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thursday and Friday

On Thursday Sigve's mouth soreness increased to the level where all he could eat was soup, and today not even that, so now he's on liquid IV nutrition. When he closes his lips and then opens them again, it's like ripping up velcro, so a nurse gave him some vaseline to put on and inside his lips, and that has helped. Somehow he still manages to swallow pills though, but drinking water stings. He also keeps rinsing with the Caphosol. Speaking is obviously painful too, and it's hard to make out what he's saying on the phone. 

On Thursday, uncontrollable diarrhea set in, so now the time has come for diapers. 

Sigve's temperature has been going up and down, and today it went back up to over 39C/102F, so lots of blood tests were done again. Every time it spikes to over 39C, they do blood cultures, one from each arm, and one from Hicky.

I have been home since Wednesday evening, and I'm going back to Bergen tomorrow midday. I had a bit of diarrhea too on Thursday, and that meant I had to stay away from the hospital for 48 hours, so I just settled in here, and enjoyed my alone time.

I'm grateful for good night's sleeps every night.

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