Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chemo day 4

Sigve didn't sleep very well last night, his temperature went up again, and he was freezing a lot. Eventually blankets, hot water bottles and rising the temperature in the room helped, but when I got there around noon, he was still very tired. So I stayed for a little while, and then set off to explore an alternative lifestyle fair. 

I took part in a session of sound therapy, which was awesome, and relaxing. Listening to tibetan gongs and sound bowls, didgeridoo, tiny bells, drums, chanting, conks and a lot more was like bathing in sound. As our bodies consist of 78% water, it has an amazing ability to receive vibrations. Like acupuncture that stimulates the body's energy flow, vibrations can affect the body circulation, loosen up tension and blockages, and help relieve stress. I felt really refreshed afterwards. 

Back at the hospital Sigve was feeling a lot better, he ate well and his temp was back to normal. So it looks like the new antibiotic is doing it's job. And still no side effects from the chemo. We like :-)

Later Brita, Ketil and Kari Anne came to visit, and we got a phone call from Paul, Jorge and some of the gang who had spent the day in Barcelona, on their Mediterranean cruise, the one that we had planned to be on too. 

Still looking good, and smiling :-)

I'm grateful for distractions :-)

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Laura said...

I know it is not the same as live, but perhaps some recordings of the sound healing you listened to could be shared with Sigve through an iPod and ear buds to keep that smile uplifted and the healing flowing. I'm glad you had some respite, you surely needed that time for your own healing. So good of friends to connect with Sigve and you. I woke up with prayers before dawn, before I realized I was awake, Sigve was on my long list of everyone and everything in my consciousness in need of healing.

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