Monday, October 27, 2014

"The doctors..."

"The doctors" is a term I use a lot these days. The doctors are doing this, the doctors are saying that. When I say "The doctors", I get this diffuse vision in my head of a host of doctors hovering. Just hovering. Blank faces and white coats. Funny really.

Sigve's biggest, and really only (other than some diarrhea), discomfort is his mouth soreness. He can only just still swallow pills, but the water still stings. So he gets IV nutrition. Nurses keep asking him if he could try and eat something, but he can't bear the thought of even trying. They have increased the pain killer dosage, and that gives some relief.

Other than that he's had a refill of blood (2 bags), platelets and fluids with added minerals. 

Sigve's sister Gerd, who was his stem cell donor came to visit today, and we all spent a few lovely hours together.

I am grateful for family.

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