Friday, October 17, 2014

Some commotion

Just after I arrived at the hospital today, Sigve started running a fever. He had been warned that an infection might be on the way as his CRP (C-reactive protein, an infection indicator) had risen from 43 yesterday to 58 today. 
So when his temperature quickly rose to 39C/102F, there was a bit of a commotion. His doctor and nurses came in. A biochemist (with two students in tow) turned up for blood culture tests, one from each arm. Apparently the clue is to test blood from different areas of his body to better pick up on where the infection is. Afterwards a nurse drew more blood from Hicky. There is always a danger of infection in Hicky's entry or exit wound, so she did a bacteria test from around the exit hole, although it looks peaceful at the moment. 
Sigve is already on preventive antibiotics, but now they're being changed to a more broad spectered kind. Due to the fever he is now in isolation.

This photo shows Hicky's exit wound. The entry point is under the bandage on his neck. Hicky is used for everything that needs to be administered intravenously, and for blood tests. 

A little later two doctors came in and said that one of the patients in the room he was in the first two nights had tested positive for whooping cough, so Sigve had to be tested too, and he will be given preventive treatment. 

Sigve's appetite is still good, and he's feeling ok, but more tired. Otherwise things are going mostly by the book.

* * * * * 
Receiving a leukemia diagnosis and having surgery 
is not exactly the way you want to celebrate a 59th birthday
(which was on Tuesday).

However, this is:

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Laura said...

praying the fever goes down and there is no major infection going on… he has such a lovely smile.

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