Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We're waiting....

I can not believe how fast time goes by! A while ago I added a pregnancy count down ticker to the side bars of both my blogs, and they said something like 120 days to go. The due date for our first grandchild was February 6,  which was on Sunday. So now we're on overtime. And it can happen any day now. 

Today Sigve and I went over to see Hilde Marie and Jon Helge, and they are calm and doing fine. Hilde Marie is in great shape, and the baby is actively kicking away. 

Hilde Marie and I have taken up knitting, and a few pieces of baby clothing have emerged.


Sigve has been in for 2 check-ups at Haukeland Hospital in addition to his regular visits to Haugesund Hospital, since my last blog post. Both went well, everything is going by the book, and the doctor is pleased, I guess both with Sigve and with himself :-) 

He is continuing to reduce the Sandimmun dosage, in tree week intervals. We have been told to expect a small degree of a desired GVH (Graft-versus-Host disease) reaction, and a slightly raised liver test value in his latest blood tests may be an indication of this. But so far no problem. 

An interesting piece of news was that the latest bone marrow test showed no trace of Sigves own DNA, now only Gerd's (his sister and stem cell donor) DNA was found. We did not know that he would actually change his DNA! So now it seem like there are two people with the same DNA. I wonder how that would work in a criminal case? We need to ask more questions about that next time. 
Gerd's blood type has now completely taken over too. 

A good indication of things going well is that he's having the Hickman catheter removed on Monday. For one thing it means that they don't expect him to need any more regular blood transfusions, and in case of an occasional one they'll just stick a needle in his arm. But he hasn't needed neither blood nor fluids refill since before Christmas. His platelets and leucocytes are stable at acceptable levels, and his hemoglobin level is stable too, although still low. 

Sigve has not been able to gain any weight yet. He's actually lost some more, so he's terribly thin, and he now weighs less than he did at 15. We have asked for an appointment with a dietitian, so hopefully that will be helpful. His appetite is not too bad, but his ability to absorb the nutrition seems to be low.

But his hair is growing!

Oooops, wrong picture, that was one of Jon Helge's cows :-)

So here is Sigve's hair, still thin and soft, like a baby's first hair.

There is so much that recently he had to start shampooing it again :-)

I wrote before about his fingernails having deep marks, and starting to fall off. Well, now some of them have actually fallen off, and new nails have grown underneath. This has started to happen to his toenails too. So he's close to being a completely new person!


Another big piece of news is that Geir Espen has moved out, and into a rented house. He has a main  floor, a basement and a loft, but he'll only be using the main floor, at least for now, except for the laundry room in the basement. The main floor has good sized kitchen, dining room, living room and bed room, and a tiny bathroom and toilet.

We all helped him move last weekend, and this is us having a pizza break in his living room. 

It looks very empty, but since then he has more furniture, some carpets, curtains, and other stuff to make it more like a home, and he seems to enjoy himself there. He is also really excited and looking forward to becoming an uncle!


A recent sunset.

Low flying seagulls in evening fog.

I am so grateful for the child that is getting ready to be born any day now. I am so grateful that both Sigve and I are here for this amazing event, and we look so much forward to get to know this new little person.


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Inger, what a wonderful post. So much to be thankful for, your new grand baby due to arrive any day, and your husband is doing so well with his

I wish you all happy smiles and good wishes for both the baby and for Sigve.

Anonymous said...

G'day from DownUnder!!

Love your blog, and the sense of humor the cow's hair hilarious. laughter and Joy good ingredients for Sigve healing.)
Hilde looks so amazing what a gorgeous,cute tummy, definitely a "BOY"! :) warm regards and all the best,to the happy family! plz extend my greetings to the lovely cows! Cheers

Inge said...

Sikke dog et dejligt og glad indlæg. Det er skøn læsning at det hele begynder at se godt og fornuftigt ud med Sigves helbred.. og så stort at der snart kommer en lille ny person i jeres familie.. Det glæder mig på jeres vegne at I skal opleve det sammen. :-)
Klem og en god dag til jer alle

Brenda said...

Hi Inger,

Been missing this for a while. Thanks for the blog. Also loved the cow humor. Very cute.

Your grandson looks almost ready to come out. The tummy is low, low, low ... :)

Sigve hair is coming out nicely. The shampooing pics were a nice addition.

Love you!

Brenda said...

Sorry, I said grandson ... that just came out! LOL. Anyway, I meant grandchild!


Anonymous said...

Nice info;) Bedankt voor je tijd ...;)

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