Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meet the dogs -

- and all the other animals in our lives.

* * * * *

But first, a short update on Sigve:

The blood tests on Monday showed raised values connected to the liver (sorry, I don't know the details, and can't even explain it in norwegian!). So he was called in for extra blood tests and a liver ultra sound examination on Thursday. Those blood tests showed a continued raise, and the doctor wants him to be admitted to Haugesund Hospital on Wednesday for an over night stay, and to have tissue samples taken. 

On the positive side, since he's in the process of reducing the dosage of Sandimmun, the medication that prevents Graft-Versus-Host disease, so a slight attack of GVH is desired, and it indicates that the whole process is working. 

He's due for a scheduled check-up in Bergen on Monday, so we'll get some details then. But the doctor in Haugesund had emphasized that this was developing slowly and there was plenty of time to find out exactly what caused it, and to treat it. 

I'll be back with more info after Monday.

* * * * *

So, here is our miniature schnauzer Isa at 2 months, in January 2006.

And here she is today, a grown lady at just over 5 yrs.

She is pure bred, with a long pedigree, but we decided right from the start that we wanted a family dog, and not a show dog, so we have not kept her fur in show condition. And anyway, any chance she gets, she'll make a mess of herself, whether it it's in snow,

 or dirt.

But this is her most favorite place in the world.

Isa has spent a lot of time with Hilde Marie and Jon Helge on their farm, right from when she was a puppy, when we travelled. Last fall, while Sigve was in hospital, and for a while after, Isa couldn't live at home. I travelled back and forth to the hospital in Bergen, and when Sigve got home, keeping an animal in the house was too big an infection hazard. So Isa ended up living on the farm for 4 months. 

There are lots of friends to play with on the farm. 

Here she is with her great big friend Aira.
Aira is Hilde Marie and Jon Helge's Irish wolf hound.

Sometimes Big Isa (border collie/Irish setter) visits from Bergen, 
and Daisy (dalmatian) visits from Sweden.

And when they all get together, 
there's a lot of sniffing and playing going on.
Aira is such a gentle giant, and has always 
been tolerant of Isa's juvenile behavior.

Here's Hilde Marie and her brother Geir Espen 
with Aira, Big Isa and Daisy.

Some of the cows, and no, that's not Noah's ark behind the rock :-)

The ponies. I think these are Sunshine in the back, 
and Demonica Lucille (born 06.06.06, hence the name).

Tiril, the female miniature pig.

Isa meets Henry, the male miniature pig for the first time,
and that's me holding him!

Henry has grown a bit now, from the cute little piglet he was.

Tiril and Henry's latest litter.

Isa also loves to go camping with us in our camper van. 
Visiting her friend Millie, auntie Olaug and 
uncle Jan in Kristiansand is heavenly.
Here is Geir Espen playing with Millie and Isa.

Gratitude continues, every day, for everything, big and small. Gratitude replaces negativity; the two feelings are incompatible. Gratitude for every day we get to spend together. 

Gratitude for every day we get to spend with Helmer. He's so amazing, and a blessing to us all. Today he started copying us when we stuck our tongues out to him :-)

A moment between mommy and son.

Watching sports with granddad.


Inge said...

Dejlige billeder af hunde og dyr i jeres nære liv, hvor er Isa dog en sød lille hund Det er godt at se at alle hunde kan være sammen uden slagsmål.
Jeres lille nye barnebarn er bare det dejligste.. :-)
Jeg håber meget for jer at lægerne finder årsagen og kan behandle Sigve. Dine billeder og tekst fortæller om stor famiiekærlighed, dejligt indlæg.
God søndag.. og varme klem til dig.

Canyon Girl said...

Gratitude is so important. I had cancer once and since then I wake up grateful for each new day and gratitude has become important in my life. I loved meeting all the animals. I haven't been to Bergen for about 40 years, but I will never forget how beautiful it is. You asked where I am from: Stockholm. Another beautiful city. All the best to you and your husband as you live through this. I know it isn't easy.--Inger

Ölandsvindar said...

Så trevligt att få besök av dig på min blogg.Jag älskar förstås Öland men mina norska vänner som är födda i Odda, tycker att Öland är alldeles för platt i deras smak.Välkommen tillbaka!

Beth Niquette said...

What wonderful photos, my friend. I'm so sorry to hear all that you have been through. My heart and prayers are with you Sigve, as you face this stressful time together.

Blessings of healing be upon you, dear ones.

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