Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our Grandson

We spent a few lovely hours with the new little family today. 
He's so beautiful, I just couldn't stop looking at him.

Mommy and son.

With his very proud daddy.

With grannie

and with granddad.

With uncle Geir Espen.

His parents have not quite made up their minds about his name yet :-)


LauraX said...

Inger, is is gorgeous...I have this huge smile on my face looking at your precious tiny and perfect. I feel so much joy for you and your happy Sigve is there holding him and enjoying these moments that every father should experience as new grandfather!

texwisgirl said...

Beautiful baby! I can see the glee in your smile. :) Congratulations again! Your husband looks happy too!

Inge said...

Hvor ser I glade og lykkelige ud allesammen, og jeg forstår det så inderligt.. det er den sødeste lille dreng I har fået der..
Rigtig meget tillykke med ham igen. :-)

forgetmenot said...

Oh you lucky lady--what a perfectly beautiful baby!!! You'll spend many more hours just holding him and gazing at that beautiful little face. Thanks for the very nice comments on my posts--makes me feel great. Congratulations, again. Mickie

Vilt og vakkert said...

Heisann! Kort innpå GRATULERER med den fine pjokken. Helt skjønn.Ha en vidunderlig koseuke ;:OD)

Canyon Girl said...

Hej Inger,

Vad roligt! I saw your name on texwisgirl's blog and wanted to visit your blog and meet you because we have the same first name. I'm from Sweden and have lived in the US for most of my life. Looks like you've had some difficult times, but it seems like I found you blog at a time of great joy. Congratulations!--Inger

Kittie Howard said...

Hi, Inger! I'm dropping in from Inger's blog (comment above) as she gave you a lovely shout-out. I'm very happy to meet you. Your grandson is gorgeous! And *drum roll* he was born on my husband's birthday. This is exciting!

Kittie Howard said...

Thanks for the follow-back, Inger. Hub's taking a Saturday afternoon nap. When he awakes I'm going to show him your pics. He's going to melt.

Read your profile. I enjoyed reading about your jewelry. We visited friends in Oslo a couple of years ago and saw so many examples of jewelry found centuries ago in museums. You have such a deep and rich history. You also live in a slice of heaven. Norway is gorgeous!!!

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