Monday, April 3, 2017

Vilja Marie's big day

April 2, 2017 was my granddaughter Vilja Marie's christening day. 

It was a day to celebrate her arrival to her life on this earth,
and she is already a huge joy and blessing to all who love her.

6 years ago I made the gown for her eldest brother Helmer. In order to symbolise continuity, the tulle layer covering the gown is made from Hilde Marie's bridal vail. In our tradition it's called a christening gown, although for our family the christening aspect bears no significance. However, celebrating rites of passage has been significant to humans for thousands and thousands of years, and the birth rite is one of them. 

Vilja Marie has two very proud big brothers.

Helmer got to pour the water into the christening bowl, 
and Leon got to wipe Vilja Marie's head.
I love that they both got to take part in the ceremony.

Three generations of Maries.


1 comment:

Inger said...

She is adorable. Why do I think she will be a very spoiled little girl? With two big brothers to look out for her.

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