Saturday, December 10, 2011

Advent - a waiting time

We're more than half way into advent. 
Advent means awaiting the arrival of a notable person, thing or event. 
These days we wait to celebrate the birth of Christ.  

Last year, from August and through advent, we also waited for something completely different. I know I have lots of new readers since, so I'll recap: In August of 2010 my husband Sigve was treated for leukemia. New stem cells were donated to him by his sister Gerd. 
The wait was intense, first during the days immediately after the transplant, to see if the new cells would settle down, and later, to see if they would take over and create a new immune system. 
Today we know that so far, the transplant has been successful. Sigve is feeling well, although still a bit weak, and he has been back working full time since May.

* * * * *

For seconds, minutes, days, time stopped.
For us, and for him behind the door of the
isolation ward at Haukeland Hospital.

Time stood still as we waited to 
see if the new stem cells would accept 
this body that was their new home.
For how long can a person stand a temperature of 105F?
When will it break? Will it break?

It broke, and we could breathe again.

* * * * *

And for this I am eternally grateful.


teri said...

Your small stone of waiting has captured the feeling of time suspended. Your image is lends perfect punctuation in the words.

I trust your advent season blended into the light of Christmas and has brought you and your family wonderful moments. Blessings- teri

PS- I found that you have joined WOWH- I have been there since January 2011 - when I started writing my small stones. I have put in a "friend request" and look forward to writing small stones. Let me know if you have any questions.

Andrea said...

Hi Inger-Marie, thanks for commenting in my post too. I am so glad your husband is now well to full recovery. It is good you have the access and capacity to pay for these treatments. A lot of unprecedented happened recently in our country where lots of people died from floods and landslides, and they are now in poor evacuation center (schools) and many suffer depression due to dead or lost family members. There is actually incidents of suicide due to depression, and diseases are now coming in. OMG that is really depressing. We have a lot in ours to thank God for, despite our own problems, they are not as horrible! best regards.

Inger said...

I just saw this post now and it is so nice to hear from you. I also loved to the a picture of the star, remembering how pretty all the windows in Stockholm would look in Advent. I hope your husband continues to do well and that you will write a post every now and then. I have missed you.--Inger

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