Monday, April 4, 2011

Shortcuts through the last month

"There are no shortcuts through the forest of life."

Years ago I had a poster with a forest picture and this quote. I have no idea who said it, but I always liked it.

* * * * *

Sigve is still doing very well. He has started to gain weight again, though slowly. All blood tests are satisfactory. The liver tests that I wrote about last time are back to normal after he increased the Sandimmun medication. The biopsy showed that there was no infection, so the conclusion was that the increased levels were due to a slight GVH (graft-versus-host) reaction. As I have mentioned before, that slight reaction is desired as it indicates that the transplanted cells are working. Research has also shown that those who get that reaction have an increased protection against the reappearance of the same kind of leukemia. So now he stays on the increased Sandimmun dosage for another month, and then he does the decrease process again, and hopefully he will eventually be able to come off the medication altogether. 

* * * * *

Since my last blog post, which was way too long ago, we have had
grey skies and still waters,

blue skies,

and sunshine,

and even the odd blizzard. 
Fortunately, that snow didn't settle at all.

Birds have found the food I put out for them.

We have watched the snow and ice melt,

and found what I hope are 
the last snow hearts of this winter season.

We have taken walks, climbed up and down, 

and had fun throwing rocks in the water.

We have seen regal swans,

and even scared up some geese.

We have found rock hearts, 

and seen the first signs of spring.

We have witnessed the most amazing sunrise,

glorious sunset,

and stunning northern lights.

But the most magnificent experience of all is getting to know Helmer.

We have crossed the Bømlo bridge several times,

and caught the ferry to Tysnes,

to see Helmer, who is growing so fast, 
and has become so much more alert and sociable,
interacting with us, 
keeping a steady eye contact for long periods of time.

His little hands have started exploring his world,
but they also hold on to mommy's hand for comfort.

His little feet sometimes move like drumsticks,
and his toes are just too cute.

I recognize features in him from his parents, his uncle, 
his grandparents, his great grandparents 
and even his great great grandparents.

It is so amazing to see the visible connections between 
the preceding generations and the new.

Everything is linked together, and whether we like it or not,
we are influenced by those who have gone before us.

But each of us are also our own person in our own right, 
with the ability to create our own life and destiny. 

For now, and for quite a few years to come,
he depends on his parents, and his extended family,
to provide for him all he needs to build the best possible 
foundation, so he can grow up to be a well adjusted person,
and have a happy and fulfilled life.

What a responsibility, and also what a privilege that is,
and I am so grateful be a part of it!


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Beautiful post Inger, with some fantastic photos, but I have to admit the ones I love to see are those of Helmer. He certainly is growing fast.

Have a great week.

Inge said...

Det har været en dejlig marts måned.. og du har fået taget en masse skønne billeder.. :-)
Håber april bliver lige så god, dog med lidt varmere vinde.. :-)

Armand Cordero said...

Really love the image of the birds finding the food ! Great shot

Anonymous said...

Det er så mange nydelig bilder at jeg nesten ikke vet hvor jeg skal starte å kommentere :)

LauraX said...

Inger, I'm so please to read that Sigve is feeling better over all, that Helmer is growing so beautifully, that life is flowing as it is meant are such a beautiful soul, I am so grateful to have connected with you, to be a witness to your life's story tell it and show it with grace.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hello again Inger. I just happened to see the link to this blog on your other one; I've missed it before.

I scrolled down a ways and you have shared your "journey" in a beautiful way. We too have had some health issues (as who our age has not) and the winter before last I blogged a little about one of them because it delayed our planned trip (the plans for which I'd already written about). But I certainly did not do such a beautiful job -- I thank you for
expressing and sharing your thoughts so beautifully. (And for the lovely photo illustrations.)

I HAD noticed your darling grandson's picture on your other blog and it was fun to see him grow here! He is adorable.

I'll check back on this blog as well as your other one and I am so happy that things look positive (as they do for us as well at this point!).

Canyon Girl said...

I'm so relieved to hear your husband is doing well. And so great to see Helmer thriving. Your photos and text are very moving. I recognized that little bird from when I lived in Sweden -- it took me a while, but it is called a talgoxe there. Take care, Inger

phylliso said...

What a beautiful spirit you have,it sure shows on you blog,God bless you & your family,phyllis

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