Friday, December 10, 2010

Camera days

Today was a camera day. Actually a 245 picture day.  Of course, in the end they boiled down to about 100, and there are still some I need to delete, and I have become better at deleting. I really see that there is no point in saving 10 almost identical pictures. But the selection process takes time...

Anyway, Sigve went to Stord this morning for bloodtests, and before he left he took Isa out for a short walk, so I got up a little later. Right from my first glance out of the window, I kept my camera close by all day. The lake, that froze over a couple of weeks ago, is now also covered in snow, and this morning, in the soft light of sunrise, frost smoke was drifting over, making light, shadows and patterns  change all the time. It was so mesmerizing I kept running out on the deck, and from window to window to get the best angles and views.

Thursday visits to Stord hospital are nearly always quick as all they do is draw blood  for the tests, and then he comes back home. He never needs to talk to doctors there. The nurses are also getting better at dealing with Hicky, his Hickman catheter. In many cases Sigve has had to tell them what the procedure is. To their defense, Hickman catheters are not that common, but we know they have followed up patients wearing them before. It requires special, sterile treatment, and of course that means having all the equipment lined up before starting. Up to now there have been two nurses, one sterile, and one who could go and fetch whatever they had forgotten. The nurse today was quite proud about the fact that she coped with it on her own.

I had to run some errands, and since Sigve still has to avoid crowded places, I usually do them on my own. (I know, to say that Bømlo has crowded places is an overstatement, but there may be more that 5 people at the grocery store!) 
I finished just around sunset, and while driving home I saw that light and fog over the lake again, and I just couldn't resist it. I took a walk through the cemetery, finding motifs there too.

There is a path below the cemetery, along the lake, with a view to the other side, and with my new 200 mm lens that distance is no problem.

I like the effect of flash photography in the dark, illuminating the foreground details, and leaving the rest invisible.

The wrought iron gates in daylight when I arrived,

and in the dark as I left.

I am so grateful for my camera, my computer, my iphone and my ipod. I know, I am a total gadget freak, but they have become very important parts of my life, letting me record and document daily events, and enabling me to keep in touch with friends all over the world.


Rimkogeren said...

Tak for din kommentar :-) Hvor har du lave en spændende fotoserie. Især er jeg begejstret for det store, nr. 5 fra neden :-)

Inge said...

Så fandt jeg dig.. :-)
Du tager nogle helt fantastiske billeder, jeg er meget imponeret.
Kan også se at I skal have jeres første barnebarn i februar, vores første barnebarn er sat til d. 20 dec. Det bliver fantastisk spændende.

EG Wow said...

Your photos are very, very beautiful!

Becky Chalet said...

Hi Inger-M, Your pictures are postcard perfect! You're blessed with such wonderful sceneries and thanks for sharing them. Thank you too for dropping by and leaving such precious words. Have a nice day.

Bondekåno said...

Nydelige bilder :)

Johnny Nutcase said...

gorgeous series of snowy photos!

jeannette said...

I LOVE the trees you photographed! It is one of my favorite subjects to paint:)
It was nice to peruse your blog and see a little of your family life -many things going on!!

How did you find my blog?
I read your interesting profile -have to say, I actually like silver better than gold!

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