Monday, October 18, 2010

A birthday boy and a growing baby

Obviously this week has been about Sigve's birthday. We started out on Wednesday evening, when Hilde Marie and Jon Helge came over, bringing venison for dinner. Jon Helge shot the deer himself, and in addition to being a hunter, he is also an excellent cook. The venison he prepared was so tender you could cut it with a fork! We had a lovely evening together, the 5 of us.

On Friday Einar came to visit. He lives in Stavanger, and had a meeting in Haugesund that day, so after he finished he came to spend the afternoon/evening with us. 

On Saturday afternoon Gerd (Sigves sister and stem cell donor), her husband Roald,

his brother Jostein and his wife Liv came over. Jon Helge had to work, but Hilde Marie and Geir Espen were here too. 

Sigve enjoys having visitors, he finds it energizing, but not too many at the same time. So some more people will be invited next week.

We have been going for walks too, at least on the dry days. This is from one of them out by the coast at Hiskjo. That was on Sigve's birthday, and the phone kept ringing:-)

On Sunday we walked for 2 hours on a forrest path. It was not too cold, but Sigve feels chilly almost all the time, so he's happy about his thermal suit and wooly hat. Of course, those of you with no hair know that you loose a lot of heat through the head, but Sigve has never had that problem before. Sigve was very tired after the walk; we actually walked a lot further than we had planned to. It started raining too, but I was the one getting wet, as I did not wear a suit. I took a lot of pictures, and now and then they will appear on my other blog A picture in time. Here are a couple of samples.

Sigve has mostly good days. On his not so good days his appetite is down, or his energy level is low, but he usually manages to eat something. Most days he eats well, and his weight loss has stopped, but he ought to start gaining weight now to increase his energy level. 

We've had the first frost nights of the season this week. One morning I managed to get up early enough to catch a picture of the deck railing before it melted.

On a final note, Hilde Marie's tummy keeps growing. The baby is active and kicking :-)
And both Hilde Marie and I are knitting baby things :-)

Today I am grateful for:
*Every new birthday from now on
*The rain (getting irritated over it doesn't help anyway, so you might as well be grateful!)
*Baby preparations

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